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To make payment, just need to click “add to cart” button on the product that interested to buy. After done pick product, just need to click “check out” button.

We got 2 types of payment for  to choose:-

1. COD NinjaVan, where just only need to pay when the item arrived house at the postman who sent the item.

2. Online Banking Transfer (FPX) like CIMBclicks, Maybank2u and also others online banking

Usually its takes about 2-4 working days.

To get 5% discount Voucher for new member, you just only need to make registeration at syokmelaram website.

In terms of color fading, look at how you use it. If you wear it for daily use and its get in touch with soap and perfume lotion, it will faded quickly.

So please, avoid soap and perfume lotion, for its to stand much longer.

If you still wanna use it with rag, usually, it will only last for 5-6 month.

How to take care of the Gold Plated Accecories for its to stand last longer untill 2-3 years

After use it, wash it with plain water, and store it at special place like pouch bag or box. Also you can use Clear Nail Kuitiks.

Yes, it can be faded, but very slow and avoid it with soap and perfume lotion. 

After you use it, wash with plain water, and store it in box or pouch bag, so it can last longer till 2-3 years. 

Depends on how you take care of it.

Yes, all of our gold plated product got 916 stamp, like the real gold jewelleries.

At any jewelleries shop.

Around 30-40 Ringgit Malaysia

No, we dont sell gold plated washer, but you can get it at other shop.

Sorry, usually we don’t weighing the gold plated, because it was plated and not real gold. Usually, people only ask for the length and wide only.

No, don’t worry, it will not itching.

Nope, it doesnt effect the allergic because all the product we sell is in good quality.

Season Sale

Stay updated to the trend with our Season Sale, right in Syok Melaram’s website.

Free Shipping

Awarded to customers purchasing RM 200.00 and above worth of items.

1 to 1 replacement

Defective items will be replaced for you, for completely free.